Introducing a new physician to your practice

Introducing a new physician to a medical establishment is not as simple as you would think. While you should guide this new professional to get used to the atmosphere in your practice, you must also encourage the other staff members and the patients to connect with this newbie. Definitely, the leadership team in your practice would have done a great job in choosing the best doctor to meet the growing patient demands. But, without your proper guidance or the support of the team, any smart doctor will struggle to hold his place at your practice.    

After the recruitment team has selected the suitable professional, he is offered the contract to be signed. Now that he has accepted it, you might have a couple of weeks or months before he starts on your practice. This is just the beginning of a new companionship which will last for many years to come.  At this time period, it is necessary that you work on creating a transition plan to make use of this physician’s new talents. This plan should concentrate on meeting the patient demands, providing better services, uniting physician teams and sharing practice goals.  

Arranging the hospital privileges and getting the insurances ready are not the only tasks that are left to be completed from your end. There are many other ways of helping him out to do a great job once he joins you. Assuming that you have completed all the necessary paper work and arrangements for the arrival of this new physician, the next most important thing left on your ‘to-do-list’ is to build a good communication plan to introduce your new companion to the working staff, referring physicians, staff leaders and patients. Also it is necessary that these individuals are acknowledged about the contribution the new doctor will offer to bring up your practice and services. Let us now see how we can get there; 


A Bio Tells it All 

First, you may start by creating a brief bio or a biographical sketch that will be added into the announcement of the new doctor’s arrival. This can be hanged on your main notice board in order to let your co-workers know of this new addition to your team. Also, this good news should be distributed to your other connections as well. The best way to spread this news in an official manner is to create small announcements of a post card size that can be given to patients and other medical practitioners. Do not forget to include a clear colored photo to these announcements. When people read this news, an atmosphere of enthusiastic anticipation will be automatically created and once the new physician is in, he will feel welcomed in his first tough days of adaptation.  

Assuming that you have a clear nice photo of him, you must concentrate to summarize all the personal and professional facts in the bio you create. For example; the new doctors skills, where he went to school, why he chose such a specialty, his interests and how enthusiastic is he to join the practice and to be an active member of your community. Adding things such as where he grew up, his most challenging moments, favorite sport and some fun thing about him would help people to connect with him in a personal way. If possible, add some family facts to add a warm touch. Once you have successfully got this printed and distributed, do not forget to forward the biographic sketch to the local media to make a press release.  


Update Your Websites and Social Media 

Make sure you update your website with the new information. Add the new physician’s details to your team page and let everyone know the insurance plans he would accept. An announcement can be put on your website, blog and other social media sites as well. This will help the news to reach more patients and professionals. If your website is having blogs for different specialties or your website has separated blogs for each professional, now it is the time to create a blog page for this new doctor so that he can contribute as well.  


Update the Directories of Your Contracted Insurance Companies 

It is necessary that you notify you’re the insurance companies that you have created the contracts with and to ask them to update both print and online editions of their directories. It is always wise to not to assume that they have done it. Instead, go online yourself and check if it has been accomplished. This will secure you and your new doctor from any future problems regarding claims. 

Finally, do not forget to hold a staff meeting, at which you would discuss about the arrival of the new physician and how he will cooperate with the staff and the team. Another staff meeting should be help when he has arrived, on his first day. Make sure to introduce this new doctor to all the members and make it a warm moment rather than official. At the end of the meeting, let the staff and the new physician create their first communication. In order to make this possible, give at least 15-30 minutes for the staff to get along and to introduce themselves to this new doctor, once the staff meeting is finished. This part of introduction is very necessary than all the other official announcements as the staff and the new doctor will connect with each other by themselves. It will make the physician feel that he has a supportive team to start off at his best.   

All these guidelines might seem simple and easy, but they play a very important role in building strong communications. This would rather connect people in a personal manner than in an official way. When a warm atmosphere is created about your new professional, the patients will look forward to get to know him and so do your staff.


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