About us

Thank you for visiting us here at ClinicianJobs.com.  My name is Michael Banuchi and this is a family-owned business.  Having spent the last 17 years as a PA , I understand the profession and the needs of both the clinicians and employers.  ClinicianJobs.com was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic when all of our lives suddenly came to a halt.   Many Physicians, PAs and NPs had either lost their job or had their income significantly reduced.  All of this while fighting this virus on the front lines.   I have remained optimistic that we will all bounce back to a thriving economy in due time.  Employers have been hit hard and when it comes time to hiring over the next few months, I wanted to offer a free option to get their job listings out to the medical community.  I wish you all the best and pray that we can get back to our patients soon.  Thank you.


Michael A. Banuchi, MPH, PA-C